Commercial Painting Service

We are experts when it comes to painting large commercial properties. Remember that “first impressions last” so if either the interior or exterior of your business is looking a little tired, give us a call.

Our hardworking team is comprised of skilled and experienced professional painters and project managers, including specialists with knowledge of highly technical painting materials and techniques. We've earned a reputation of following through on our promises -- our projects are completed in a timely manner.

As an open shop Maison Painting & Decorating has a qualified staff of painters that are kept current with safety standards and procedures throughout the industry. We use the most environmentally-friendly techniques and materials possible, without compromising the quality and longevity of our finished projects. We offer quality painting services using high-quality and locally sourced paints. In fact, we are best in our field. We serve in and out of the city and surroundings and painted hundreds of new and old homes. There is little point paying for your house to be painted.

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